I'm back after a couple months off for maternity leave and I am excited to be back in the saddle! 

Many many people watch the Today show, so you may have noticed they updated their logo. Check out the before and after below care of Brand New.

This update is smart and sophisticated because it provides more legs for the brand to stand on. What does that mean? Well, for example, the agency decided to remove the gradient of color and only apply orange, which allowed for a fresh redesign of the whole studio and the usage of orange as a power color for the brand (they proposed the phrase "Wear More Orange".Visually, removing the gradient and consolidating the shape makes the icon less of a sunrise, which was a risk, but the result is successful, as it allows the icon to be used in multiple applications rather than just as a sunrise, as seen below. 

Most importantly for a great identity rebrand, is that you may not have even noticed the update - meaning it is not a great departure from the brand's history. Is your brand's identity feeling tired? You may be weary of an overhaul, but how about an update like this one? When the time comes to update, remember this great example as a guide - it's fresh, provides more opportunities to execute the brand (new slogans, new visual applications), and is not a giant departure from the original. 

- Kelsey

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