I know, I know, social media changes every 5 seconds. There is a new platform that's "great for businesses" with a new social media "expert" exclaiming you should use it. Here are a few steps to being social the effective - and efficient! - way. 

1. Choose Platforms - Plural

If you're trying to reach tweens, Facebook is already dead. If you want to reach tweens' moms, Facebook is great! Focus your efforts where your target audience lives, but don't put all your social eggs in one basket. The reality is that those Facebook lovin' ladies also love Pinterest, and hip twitter users love instagram. Since we are in the marketing industry, Lever is a little overboard, and we know that. Over time if a platform just never gets the same traction as the others, we'll drop it. Focus your energies where you get the highest return of customer interaction! 

2. Choose Content

The more concise your social media plan, the easier it is to stick to it (hence our nifty updates plan.) If you're an organic pizza shop, post foodie pics and recipes to instagram, while keeping fan photos and discounts on Facebook. There may be some overlap on twitter, but try not to post everything on every platform every time, that's a surefire way to loose followers that are tired of seeing your posts 3x when they check their smart phone. 

3. Create a Schedule

Mondays post blog, Tues/Thurs update Facebook, Weekend pin to Pinterest. How easy is that to remember? Consistency is not only nice for followers but it helps keep you or your in house content-creator sane. 

4. Listen to Your Fans

If a techie comes up and tells you about a new platform you have to be on, check it out. If your fans are talking about you on it, try it out for a while. If they're not, reserve your brand name, just in case, and put it away for a while. You don't have time for it! 

Hope this helps those of you who feel like social media is just too much to handle these days! 


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