I got the privilege of talking to an entrepreneur yesterday. He and his wife were all excited about the possibilities, the ideas, the thrill of starting their own venture. They asked me for some strategic counsel before they set up their brand:

What's in a Name?

A lot, that's what! Although I'm not going to share lever's secret naming formula with you, here are a few tips:

  • Stay away from your name, your city, or your state. OKCPizza (or Thunder Pizza for that matter) is easy to outgrow!Unless, of course, your plan is to always stay small and local, in which case, carry on.
  • Stay away from acronyms. This is more common for general businesses than food-related brands. They say nothing, unless you work really hard at it, and even then, people end up getting confused, are you BMP or Big Mama's Pizza? If you find something that is great, why shorten it to three letters?
  • Find something that is meaningful to your family, your beliefs, your product or your services, and try and go from there. Maybe Big Mama was your grandma and she always cooked meals filled with love for your family. Or you can come up with something crazy like Google, but you better have the fun, innovative space, people and products to match!
  • If all the logical urls are taken, use serious caution. Even though there may be some buzz about new urls in the future, most of your customers will still use .com the next ten years. But, an SEO consultant can help, and if your brand name is memorable people will search "mama" and "pizza" and find you. For the lever brand, weliftbrands was available even though some of the more obvious were taken, but it was catchy and memorable, and available on all the social media outlets too, which is another factor. You can use @bigmama on everything as the one source people remember and they can find your actual website through the channels.

You can read more about the lever branding process here.

Happy Naming!


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