Marketing is about setting you apart in your market. It's using advertising, promotions, social media, and more to leverage your brand and make you stand out. This is important on a corporate level, but it's even more important on a local level.  

Solutions That Stand Out

A great marketing partner comes up with solutions for the corporate brand but also the store owner, tailored to when/where/what they are. It's one of the most exciting things about working with a franchise - knowing that we helped John James in Joplin increase his traffic this month over last month.  To find those solutions, one has to ask the right questions. When we're contacted by a CherryBerry franchisee for the first time, we always start with the following questions. 

  • How long has your store been open?
  • Where are you located and how would you describe your market? 
  • Do you have direct competition in the area, if so, please tell me about them. 
  • What incentives and programs are offered by your competition? Do they advertise in publications/billboards/etc?
  • Are your price points the same as your competitors'?
  • What marketing materials do you currently have in your store?
  • Have you placed any local ads and if so, were they successful?
  • Do you have a facebook page and if so, how many fans do you have? 
  • Are there schools in the area and if so, what age groups?
  • Do you participate in logo tuesdays, happy hours, or any other kinds of incentives?
  • What have you had the best results with so far in terms of overall marketing return on investment? 

The next time you start a new promotion or initiative, think through these questions for yourself, edited to fit your industry, of course, or find a marketing partner that can help ……(cough


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