There are many great articles out there about taglines, or slogans, and how to create one for your brand. The step by step process is always the same in each article, describe the company or product, be memorable, make it short, etc etc. The truth about taglines, though is that if you, internal marketing director, and your corporate team are sitting in a room trying to come up with one, it will probably stink.

Why is that? Because you're too close to the brand. You need an outside party to facilitate, like we recently did for CherryBerry. Their first slogan was Best on the Planet. Though memorable and short, they agreed it only discussed the yogurt - what about the customer experience? What about the corporate company values? Nike's Just Do It - probably the most referenced great slogan example of all time - doesn't say a thing about their athletic products. Food brands are a bit different, but the need to go beyond product-based slogans is the same. 

We can't reveal CherryBerry's new slogans yet, but we can tell you how we got to them. We got everyone together in a conference room and asked many questions, some tough, some easy, some kinda out there, and listened to the responses. It was so interesting to hear the founder's answers verses those newer to the team. After the brainstorm, we went through and put all of their feedback through a brand filter - does this really describe the whole experience? Is it true across the country? And then a consumer filter - will the first time guest get it? Will they like it? Will it stick with them? 

Coming up with a slogan, tagline, even mission statement and vision statement, all need the help of a good mediator. Find a writer, marketer or agency in your area to help you create a winning tagline for your brand. 

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