Here are some campaigns we're loving lately, why, and what to take away from each. 

UPS: Logistics

These ads are so interesting to watch and so many can relate to the humor of the corporate workplace, especially men. Their game changers addition to the campaign to tie in sports is also genius. They say the message without screaming the message and most of all make it interesting to watch. This is a set of ads that my husband doesn't mute. How can you entertain while clearly explaining the benefits of your product and services? Can you show it in a relational way between to people, without any "hard selling"?

University of Phoenix: Get Ahead in Your Career

This spot gets me all tingly because they made a clear visual representation of a career path to the top in a smart, non-cheesy way. Unlike UPS, this ad probably appeals more to women, also, it appeals to one person's dreams and goals directly, rather than using dialogue between characters. How can you appeal to that inner drive and dream in your target consumer? For example, with frozen yogurt, an ad could appeal to the woman who has been working so hard on her fitness goals, or appeal to woman who needs some "me-time" without the guilt, since froyo is a healthier alternative to ice cream. 

TD Ameritrade: Financial Storytelling

The title says it all here. Storytelling! Like the UoP ad above, this appeals to the dreamer by seamlessly and quickly telling the story of a guy who works his way up from busboy to chef. Who doesn't love that? Plus the set and visual aesthetics here give me goosebumps.  How can you tell a story in your ad? Find common threads between your customers and create a story that will appeal to them. 

Google Chrome: Jess

Dang it, Google, you've done it again. I cry every time. This is relational and tells a story in the reality-tv space without any of the reality-tv cheese factor. It appeals to young adults and definitely appeals to parents. If your brand has an emotional appeal, how can you capitalize on it in an engaging way? A way that shows the product without the viewer even realizing it?  

And in the spirit of halloween, we love Snicker's Headless Horseman spot & Chipotle's Boorito campaign - Clever name that champions a cause. (Though why didn't they release a short version of their video? Ain't no body got time for a 2.5 minute video!)

What are you loving lately?


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