"You have taken CherryBerry to a whole new level
and its greatly appreciated!!!!"

- CherryBerry Franchisee

Branding & Project Work   /   Promotions & Campaigns

The CherryBerry Experience

In Store Branding

A few months into our partnership with CherryBerry, we had a state-of-the-brand meeting where we came up with additional slogans and catch phrases to their original slogan, Best on the Planet. Although strong and memorable, BOTP only really spoke to the yogurt, and so we added additional phrases that captured CherryBerry's "put your feet up and stay a while" mentality towards kids and families. The perfect place to start projecting the new messages was in store, so we created a set of posters to go up around the stores. 

Tasty Food Photography

A huge part of food and beverage marketing is photography. Your ads need to look so tasty that people think seriously about licking the newspaper - or TV or what have you. We facilitated this CherryBerry photoshoot using David McNeese as our photographer, creating a strategic shot list, a schedule for the day, etc, making sure our client got the most bang out of the marketing bucks spent. 

Conference Branding

CherryBerry recently hosted their national All-Owners and Vendors Conference. For the conference, they chose the theme "Maximizing Profitability at the Store Level." While that is a great theme, it doesn't really roll off of the tounge. We brainstormed and came up with the 2013 MAXIMIZE CONFERENCE. The arrows in the logo added a fun design element that we were able to use on the program and conference signage we created for the event.


Social Media Marketing

CherryBerry truly embraces incentives and specials, creating a "There's always something special going on at CherryBerry" effect with consumers.  They had outdated artwork that they used for the corporately owned stores for some specials, so we added Social Sundays and Top This Thursdays. We also updated the artwork for each using the new photography in order to get them ready for national distribution to all of the franchisees to use on their own Facebook pages. National Dessert Day and other fun promotions have a different design treatment but still fit within the brand, creating a variety within social media posts. 

Character Update

We were so excited about one of the first tasks within the CB brand update project, revising their brand characters, or mascots as some would call them. After many requests for "mascot suits" from franchisees, they realized it was time for the characters to come to life. We are currently working on various poses, expressions, props and even halloween costumes for these two. In addition to the mascot suits, we are also working on other brand character products, check back soon for updates!

Corporate Brochure

We managed the photoshoot for some new branding materials, including this general info brochure. 

Website Redesign

You won't find a much BRIGHTER brand than CherryBerry and they wanted their website to follow suit. We really wanted to create a design that was different from what we call "the standard" for yogurt brands = a large rotating image taking up most of the home page. We incorporated java script to produce a smooth scrolling effect within the home page, with portions then linking to the main destinations in the site. We are adding new functionality and a mobile-friendly version of the site in the summer of 2013.