"Lever has been an integral part of taking CherryBerry Frozen Yogurt to the next level. At a time when our company is exploding with growth Kelsey and her firm have jumped in with both feet and taken on the CherryBerry challenge!"

-Fred Sabatini, CherryBerry Self-Serve Yogurt Bar COO


Branding Services 

PREPARE: Before you get growing...
Naming Your Business, Identity Design, Internal and External Slogan & Messaging Development

LIFT: Roll your brand out in style!
Brand Standards Guide, Brand Voice Development, Website, Mobile Website, Brand Video, Internal Brand Launch, Employee Scripting

RISE: Keep a tight lid on your brand during explosive growth. 
Brand Standards Guide, Brand Voice Development, Internal Website,  Internal Conferences & Events, Brand Environment Design

REVAMP: For brands that grew too fast.
Some brands need an overhaul or update because the identity is now outdated or wasn't properly done the first time around. We can help take your brand to the next level without losing your personality and history.  

Marketing Services  

PREPARE: Setting Up for Sucessful Campaigns
Research & Analysis of the Industry and your competitors, Consumer "Filter" & Brand “Filter” Development: Sifting out stuff that won't reach your target, Create Annual Marketing Plan

LAUNCH: Large Campaigns and Smaller Promotions
Traditional Advertising, Social Media Strategy, Digital Strategy, Campaign Video

GROW: Strategy in Between Campaigns
Track campaign results, Social Media Maintenance, Tradeshows & Events, Ongoing Smaller Promotions.

REVAMP: Adjust and Adapt
Today, the consumer has the attention span of a goldfish.* Marketing gets old fast, if you've been marketing your business the same way for a couple years, and in some cases even just one year, it's time to get creative (again!)

*We googled "animal with a short attention span" and found this article about animals super interesting.